Payment & Security

There are no additional charges for any of the payment methods offered via our website.

We take payment in full at the time of booking to reserve your transport service. You can pay by debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many other popular payment methods where available. You can also pay for your booking by making a bank transfer, however you need to ensure that funds reach our bank account at least 2 working days before your plan to travel. No local payments are required.

We take payment in full at the time of booking, so no local payments are required. To make booking changes or purchase additional services, please use our website or our app, or contact our 24/7 Customer Service Team. If you pay the driver for additional services, that would be a direct arrangement between you and the driver and would not involve us. Please use our booking tools to benefit from our 24/7 travel assistance and the protection offered by our terms and conditions.

Yes, we have a sliding commission scale that increases according to the number of bookings you make for your clients. Please email us at for further details.

Yes, we send a receipt for each booking to the customer email address provided. If you need an invoice please email our 24/7 Customer Service Team.

We use an external PCI compliant payment system called Stripe which is trusted by major airlines and travel brands. We do not see your payment card details.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and other popular payment methods. If you experience a problem paying for your booking, please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.

We currently only offer the option to book in Euros. We will be adding the option to pay in GBP & USD in the near future.

No problem. Please email our Customer Service Team requesting an invoice. Remember to include the booking reference, company name and company tax number.

To be able to use Google Pay you will have to add your debit or credit card to Google Wallet. See this Google guide on how to complete the set up.

You can use Google Pay to pay online in Chrome or within apps where you see Google Pay as a payment option:

– Tap the Google Pay button.
– Choose a payment method.
– Enter/confirm your contact information.
– Click continue and select the card you wish to use for the payment.
– Confirm the payment.

To be able to use Apple Pay you will have to add your debit or credit card to the Apple Pay Wallet app on your iPhone, Apple Watch or other compatible device.
See this Apple guide on how to complete the set up. Also make sure that the option ‘use Apple Pay when available’ is enabled in your mobile settings.

You can use Apple Pay to pay online in Safari or within apps where you see Apple Pay as a payment option.

– Tap the Apple Pay button.
– Choose a payment method. To pay with a different card, tap the ‘Next’ button or the ‘Expand Menu’ button next to your default card.
– Enter/confirm your contact information.
– Confirm the payment.
– When your payment is successful, you’ll see ‘Done’ and a checkmark on the screen.

We guarantee you will receive a full refund for your transport service in each of the following cases:

– If you cancel your transport service more than 48 hours prior to the pick-up time
– If you have purchased Flexifare and cancel your transport service any time up until the scheduled pick-up time
– If the driver was not at the pick-up location at the scheduled pick-up time and you followed the procedures set out in our Terms & Conditions.
– If we determine that your transport service request is not feasible or includes an error.